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What is a "zip" file and how do I access the content?

ZIP file is simply a collection of one or more files and/or folders but is compressed into a single file for easy transportation and compression.

If your computer is Windows-based, the easiest way to unzip a file is to find the zip file (it may be in a “downloads” folder if you haven’t specified another location, right-click on it and press Extract All.

How to unzip files

A new window will open up and you can select where you want the files to be extracted. By default, it will extract the contents to the same directory in which your zip file resides. Just hit extract and a folder will be created that has all of the zipped files in it.

Opening ZIP files on Mac is simple. If you want to use the built-in archive utility, just select the Open option from the context menu. To open a ZIP file using The Unarchiver, open the context menu and select Open With and then The Unarchiver.

If you’re trying to extract files on an iPad, you can find step-by-step instructions here:

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